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17 responses to “MARIA

  1. So glad to meet you, Maria! Sounds like we have a ton in common. (Book-wise, I mean. :D) See you around the literary abyss.

  2. Ok Nerd, I’m with you. I’ve noticed you read voraciously summer and sparingly in winter; with me it’s usually the other way around. Regardless, I’m inspired to read more(I’ve been slacking for quite some time). Cheers, and thank you.

  3. Glad to have come across this blog! I’m using an image from your review of To the Lighthouse, for a blog post. I hope that is okay.
    I’m always under the same impression as yours, that I am too young to express my opinions. I do it reluctantly, even. But the second part of the same sentence has given me the much needed strength. Thanks, and good luck!

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