June TBR — Escape the Pavement

Today was a truly good day, a day that reminded me that it really is June.

This morning I finally did the knowledge test for my driver’s license, something I put off for almost three years now (aka I’ve got my G1!) :P, and had a nice outing with my father. In the evening, I took my dog Berry for a well-deserved long walk. Honestly, an hour is a bit too long for her short legs, so the trip back was more of a stroll.

We went to these soccer fields/hydro fields in the vicinity and enjoyed the peace and solitude that only long stretches of grass against a blue sky can bring. I even walked barefoot for a while. It is an amazing feeling to ditch the shoes, literally connect with the earth, sense the grass between your toes. There is a primal enjoyment in experiencing nature, like returning somewhere you know you belong. My contentment with the world doubled after glimpsing a rabbit dive into the bushes, unnoticed by Berry, thankfully. She really is quite unobservant and was happily munching grass while I rejoiced about the furry critter. Finally, the universe made sure I was absolutely happy today. On the way back, I found some wild daisies by the roadside and picked a couple for my herbarium. Wild daisies and/or camomile have been my favourite flower since I was at least seven (that is the earliest I remember professing my love for them). I know camomile technically is not a flower, but for me wildflowers always held more appeal than decorative/cultured ones. For those interested, the daisies I found are ox-eye daisies (leucanthemum vulgare). In the past couple of weeks I discovered my love for botany?

They will look lovely when pressed.

They will look lovely when pressed.

All that considered, I found today to be perfect to share my June TBR. All of the following books are part of my Classics Club list, which is great!

First I’ve got This Side of Paradise by Fitzgerald. This is his first novel which serves as a nice introduction for continuing reading Fitzgerald (I’ve already read The Great Gatsby and liked it very much). It seems to have several components that suggest I will love it. A coming-of-age novel, it finds a semi-autobiographical character discovering himself through his education at Princeton University. Sounds very familiar to A Portrait of the Artist as a Young Man. The tips of my fingers are tingling at the expectation of some gorgeous descriptions of Princeton. It’s Ivy League, come on!!! I am also hoping for a lot of references to literature, antiquity, classical education in general. I am drooling. Definitely reading this first.

Next on my list (that is, if I will be reading in this order) is Howards End by E.M. Forster. This read is very much inspired by Claire from readingbukowski. I know very little about this book and want to keep it that way, because sometimes I love diving into books not knowing anything. To demonstrate how little I knew about this book — I thought the title referred to a death of a man named Howard. Such ignorance! I am chuckling with you. 🙂

Then there is The Woman in White by Wilkie Collins. Last I’ve read by Collins was The Moonstone, a rather enjoyable book and arguably the first detective novel. At the moment I am craving some real Victorian prose, and Wilkie Collins seems a right fit. Also, I was told it is a good book that I’ve put off far too long. If my premonitions are correct, there are some feminist analysis goodies in this one. Am I right?

Lastly, there is Emma by my beloved Jane Austen. I haven’t read Austen for a year now! Or more?! I was so reluctant to get acquainted with Emma, because she often gets bad press and seems like a protagonist I won’t like. I prefer Lizzies and Elinors and Annes to the more extroverted heroines. However, after reading this post @ A Bookish Charm which used Myers-Briggs personality types to argue why Emma is a particularly interesting character, I changed my mind. For the record, I’m an INTJ. Also, it’s Austen. I am going to eventually conquer all her work. As I am a really slow reader, this one will definitely last until August, and I can use it for Austen in August (see link in left sidebar).

This is it, lovely person! What are you reading this month? Please tell me or link your own entry! This month I am urging you, Reader, to get out of the city, if you can. If you cannot, escape the pavement and the dust. Find a quiet place surrounded by an abundance of green and experience your June TBR outdoors. ♥

4 responses to “June TBR — Escape the Pavement

  1. I’m an INFP! Lots of great books, Maria! I can’t wait to read This Side of Paradise. 🙂

  2. I’m so glad my blog post helped you decide to read Emma! I hope you’ll enjoy it as thoroughly as I did. In fact, I spent the whole time being surprised and delighted at the similarities between her and myself, a fellow INTJ. 🙂

    • It did, thank you! I do hope to enjoy it. 🙂 And actually, your blog post opened up a whole new ground for character analysis — I’ve never thought about characters using M-B types!

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