“The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe” (#2)

The Lion, the Witch, and the Wardrobe by C.S.Lewis
189 pages
First published 1950
2/7 Chronicles of Narnia, (2013 Book Challenge)

When I read these books as a child, they seemed much longer to me. Considering this book is around 200 pages of huge font, I was soon disillusioned.

But, what is surprising, is that in such a short amount of space (and time) C.S.Lewis is able to wrap up all the story without rushing it. So it is a little bit like magic, because reading this book feels longer for the time you are in it (rather than the time you spend reading it).

Being the first published book in the series (as they were not published in their reading order), it is a little more exciting than The Magician’s Nephew, more interesting and plot heavy. (The Magician’s Nephew’s sole purpose is to introduce Narnia, and explain all the things that are missing, cover the loopholes of Narnia’s creation.)

The settings are very vivid, and if you have seen the film, I think it did a wonderful job of portraying the book and capturing its feeling precisely. (The following films did not impress me that much.)


We are continually introduced to the world and the species that inhabit it, although it is much less instructional, as the book is more plot driven.

The characters are great: Peter, Susan, Edmund, and Lucy have wonderful chemistry about them, and they are featured in other books, so you could say they are the central characters of the series.

The end of the story always puzzled me in terms of what state of mind the children would be at the end. (I am really trying not to spoil, and if you have read the book I hope you understand to what I am referring.)


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