Sherlock Holmes, Volume 1

sholmes1The Adventures of Sherlock Holmes 
The Memoirs of Sherlock Holmes
by Arthur Conan Doyle
776  pages, annotated
First published 1880-1890, Strand Magazine
1/3 Volumes of Sherlock Holmes
(2013 Book Challenge)


Oh, what a pleasureful read this was! Although seven hundred pages, this folio was such a great read that it felt like little time passed by.

Rarely does anyone meet another who has not heard the name Sherlock Holmes. Whether from books, multiple films, TV shows, pop culture references, or the usual “You don’t have to be Sherlock Holmes to deduce this!” — the name of the famed sleuth is known to all.


However, this edition (one of three) is not for the general reader. Although, if said general reader wishes to read all there is about Sherlock Holmes, it would do the thing. This edition is thoroughly annotated, and I mean thoroughly. The Reader gets so much background information about Holmes, Victorian London, and practically anything mentioned in the stories, that at times it becomes overwhelming, but it is also easy to skip over the annotations (which are always on one side of the page for easy access) without losing the meaning of the story, of course. The annotations also presume Holmes and Watson to be real people, it must be mentioned.

This edition also comes with absolutely beautiful (original) illustrations by Sidney Paget, as well as several other illustrations from the American editions of the stories. (Although Paget’s drawings are much much better, I think.)


Beginning with the encounter with Irene Adler and ending with The Final Problem, the stories need not my praise to be considered phenomenal. I love Sherlock Holmes to bits, and therefore cannot provide constructive criticism, as everything is amazing. 🙂 Oh, and the best part is … this is just Volume I.

a5Also, if you are interested in Sherlock Holmes: read this article from Interesting Literature!


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