Minimalist with a book load.

This is a personal post. I will post personal posts on Fridays from time to time, and keep them short, because I like short, and I also don’t want to tire my Readers (and you, Reader!) with rants about me. I know I ere mentioned that this blog is primarily for me, and I do not strive to gain a huge readership, but I am very grateful for those Readers (and you, too, Reader!) who entrust me with their time and attention; I want to respect that.

And so, I want to be a minimalist with a book load.

What is minimalism? There is plenty of websites out there that will reveal this mystery much more effectively than I can do it here. In short, you define it. I define it. A minimalist defines it.

Your definition of minimalism can be on the materialistic level — owning less; or on a ‘higher’ level — freeing yourself.

Why minimalism? I found out about it, and could not let go. Why? Because it is simplicity, liberation, freedom. Because it keeps everything organized and easy to clean. Because it makes me feel good, and focus on what is important.

I am slowly minimizing my possessions (in no way am I a minimalist right now), but never my books. As my collection of “stuff” is decreasing, my collection of books can increase. 😉

If you are interested in this topic, I can post more about my journey.

2 responses to “Minimalist with a book load.

  1. I love minimalizing! Doesn’t it make you feel all free? And then having the room to add books is always a plus. Have you gone the ereader route yet?

    • It is wonderfully liberating!
      I am not a big fan of ebooks; I only have a few classics on my iPhone — just in case I am stuck somewhere with nothing to do. eReaders must be miraculous things for true minimalists, but they’re not for me.

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